Spinal Cord Injuries Impact on the Economy

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Lawyers

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Spinal cord injuries in Indianapolis, IN can not only have a devastating effect on the person involved but the economy, as well. They play a big role in how quality of life is affected after this type of injury occurs. Within the U.S., there are approximately twelve thousand injuries to spinal cords yearly. In 2009, there were approximately 262,000 people who were living with injuries to their spinal cord. Since the year 2005, the average age for the occurrence of these types of injuries is forty. According to statistics an average of 80% of the cases are men. There are three common causes of spinal cord injuries: auto accidents, violence, and falls.

Occupational Impact

Over half of the people who have spinal cord injuries in Indianapolis IN are employed at the time the injury has occurred. Of those employed, only 11% have been employed for at least a year. Those employees who are at the 20 year mark measure 35%. After an injury to the spinal cord, a person will have a difficult time working. If they are given the ability to return to work, more than likely they will be performing a different job which will require a large amount of retraining.

Residential Impact

Of patients who are released from a rehabilitation facility or hospital, 88% return home. Others may be sent to nursing homes or other types of facilities to help them with their care. For patients who return home experience the installation of modifications to the home so that they can be functional in their environment. Changes to the home could include the addition of a ramp, modifications to the bathroom, and mechanical lifts are just a few of the examples. Some patients who are sent to a facility for care may not be able to afford the cost, and it may not be covered with their insurance.

Hospital Impact

People who incur spinal cord injuries in Indianapolis IN are expected to spend a minimum of twelve days in the hospital. The average patient will spend at least thirty-eight days in rehabilitation. In many cases, these costs are astronomical, especially for patients with little or no insurance coverage at all.

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