How Bailbonds In Fort Worth Work

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Law

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Although the law states that citizens have the right to a quick and speedy trial, the court systems are full and it may take some time to get your case to the proper court. When this happens and you have not been convicted of a crime, a bail may be set for your release from jail while awaiting trial. This is usually a pre-set figure for crimes and you can use the assistance of bailbonds in Fort Worth in order to make bail.

One way you can think of a Bailbonds Fort Worth company is more like a financial money lender however, they are lending to the court system and they will see the money back when you appear in court. This money lending is done at a fee usually of a percentage of what the bail was set for. For instance, if bail is set for $100,000 you will be required to come up with 10% and this will be the amount you will not get back in exchange for being lent the additional 90% of the money.

In addition, Bailbonds Fort Worth may also require some sort of collateral in addition to the percentage of bail you have to pay. Since they are lending on the expectation that you will arrive on your court date, they will need some way to be paid back if you skip this date. Your trial may take weeks or even months before being seen in a court of law and a bailbonds company will change the percentage according to what the court date is set for. You however, get to resume your daily living activities, job and in most cases providing for the family while you wait trial.

The concept of setting a bond is used within the United States only. It was started in England centuries ago but the United States is unique in the concept of setting a large bail amount during arraignment. There are similar systems of imposing hardships on behalf of the accused so as to assure they will return for their court hearing. Using a Bailbonds Fort Worth is a private company that helps assist those that can not pay the full amount.

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