How to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Through Your Attorney

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you are experiencing an extreme amount of debt and have done all that you can to get out of it, it can be stressful. It seems that the more debt that piles up, the more you feel like giving up, unsure of even where to begin in getting yourself out of the debt.

If you are experiencing too much debt and cannot find a way out, filing bankruptcy is often an option that can help. While it should never be your first choice and should be entered into lightly, it can help you to overcome your debt so that you do not lose your property and continue to harm your credit.

Through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, you can be given assistance in filing for bankruptcy. The process is often complicated and confusing, so it is best left to your attorney so that the proper paperwork can be filed.

As a part of this type of bankruptcy, you will need to provide information on all of the debts that you owe. Your attorney will need this information so that these debts can be listed in the terms of the bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is much like a debt consolidation process. If the bankruptcy is approved through the courts, the person filing is given a set order to help them pay off the debts that they owe. Normally, this means paying a certain amount into the courts each month. This monthly amount is based on the income of the filer and is dispersed to the different creditors that are owed.

Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Milwaukee WI will be able to assist you throughout the filing process. It is vital that you provide all information that your attorney asks for. Once your bankruptcy has been approved, you must make your payments, as they are specified in the court papers. This will prevent your bankruptcy from being revoked and help to lessen your debts.

No one wants to think about having to file for bankruptcy, but sometimes it is inevitable. If you are experiencing more debt than you can pay off, contact your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Milwaukee WI office and get the help that you need in filing.



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