3 Reasons to Trust Advice From Your Joliet Personal Injury Attorney

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Lawyers

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Things have been difficult since sustaining an injury due to the fault of another party. One of the smart things that you did was hire a Joliet personal injury attorney. Now that you have legal representation, make the most of it by listening to the advice that your attorney offers. Here are a few reasons why you can trust that advice.

Your attorney has handled cases similar to your own in the past. That means your legal counsel understands what steps to go through and how to work toward the best possible outcome for you. This reason alone is enough to trust whatever your attorney recommends.

Second, the attorney can provide advice on how to sidestep attempts by the responsible party to shift all or part of the responsibility for the injury to you. That includes staying quiet about the case particulars, following your doctor’s advice, and immediately referring all attempts to engage you in conversation to your legal counsel. Doing so reduces the risk of say or doing something that the other side can attempt to use against you.

Last, your Joliet personal injury attorney knows what to consider in terms of identifying a reasonable settlement amount. It’s not just about your medical expenses; it’s also about lost income, the cost of future medical care related to the injury, and possibly a few other factors. You can trust your lawyer to take all of them into consideration before pursuing any settlement.

Remember that your attorney will have you involved every step of the way. At any given time, you will know what’s going on with the case, and what needs to happen next. When the case is over, the quality of the advice received will be evident.

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