When To Use An Attorney For A Workers Compensation Claim

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Lawyers

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Workers Compensation is a type of insurance that provides employees with financial support and health insurance when they have been injured in their workplace as a result of the employer’s negligence and are unable to continue working at their jobs. Sometimes, in return for receiving continued pay and insurance, the employee will agree not to sue the employer for its negligent conditions or behavior.

In most states Workers Compensation laws are complex and require significant documentation to support. When entitled to Workers Compensation Rapid City employees often seek the assistance of an attorney experienced in managing Workers Compensation claims. An employee in need of Workers Compensation benefits often has to deal with several problems simultaneously. He or she may be dealing with ongoing medical care for the injury or illness incurred at the workplace. In addition, the initial loss of wages can put undo pressure on the injured employee’s family. Having an experienced attorney deal with managing the requirements of the law to establish a claim can greatly reduce the stress the employee experiences.

An experienced attorney who has managed Workers Compensation claims successfully in the past can also determine what other legal remedies an injured employee might be entitled to. While Workers Compensation is often provided in lieu of the right to file a civil personal-injury suit against an employer, in some cases, negligence related to other state or Federal laws can be shown and the employee might be entitled to additional compensation. An attentive attorney will be aware of such situations and work to win all of the benefits to which his client is entitled.

Some attorneys who handle these types of suits advertise on television and make bold claims about their success in past cases. While the attorneys with large advertising budgets may be as effective or even more effective than those who don’t use television advertising, when in need of an attorney with experience in Workers Compensation Rapid City residents are cautioned and advised to consider the recommendations of close friends or family members first when choosing an attorney. Large national law firms are often a good choice, but can also be impersonal and turn the routine cases over to assistants or paralegals. Many prefer to work with an individual attorney who they will see at every meeting. For those people, a smaller firm would be a better choice.

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