A Bail Bonds Service in Milford, CT Can Come to Your Aid

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Bail Bond

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It is not until after a person has been arrested and threatened with jail time that the need for the services of a bail bonding agency arises. Bail bonding agencies exist to be the financial aid a defendant will need to get out of jail until the time comes to appear in court. A bail bonds service in Milford, CT will help defendants in such time and inform them about the process. Here is a look at how the process of bail bonds work in Connecticut.

Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Once a person has been placed under arrest and booked, the opportunity presents itself for the defendant to be released upon their recognizance, pay a cash bail, or use a surety bond. If the person is not released on their recognizance, the cash bail may be paid, but often, defendants do not have the money to afford a cash bail. For a premium of a minimum of 10 percent of the full cash bail, a bail bond agency will offer a surety bond to the system, guaranteeing the defendant will show up in court.

More About Bail Bonds in Connecticut

If the defendant fails to show up in court, the bail bond agency will be responsible for the full bail, so to keep this from being the case, the defendant must have collateral. The collateral will be anything of significant value, such as a house, a car, jewelry, stocks, or anything else that is worth something. This collateral will be used to take care of what the bail bond agent will lose if the defendant does not show up to court as scheduled.

A Bail Bond Agency in Milford

Defendants should be able to find plenty of bail bond agencies at any hour of the day in Connecticut. Aces Bail Bonds is an agency that offers bail bonding services to defendants and their families in the Milford, Connecticut area. If a need arises for bail bonds service in Milford, CT, this agency is available, visit us today.

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