Why a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pasadena, CA Usually Doesn’t Have to Worry About Cameras in Courtrooms

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Criminal Law

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With so many TV dramas depicting courtroom proceedings, seeing drawings made by a sketch artist may seem old-fashioned. The TV news and other media outlets still have to rely on these drawings to a certain extent, as not all courtrooms allow cameras. A criminal defense lawyer in Pasadena, CA can explain to clients why this is. Often, the prohibition of cameras is a relief to defendants.

A Brief History

In the 1970s, some courtrooms began allowing cameras inside for certain trials. Gradually, the trend became stronger. Not until the 1990s, when the O.J. Simpson case was held, did a distinct reversal on the policy happen. The judge’s decision to allow one TV camera in the courtroom during the trial had unintended effects, and most people started getting makeovers so they would look attractive, and attorneys became overly concerned about camera angles.

The Current State of Affairs

In the 21st Century, all states allow cameras in courtrooms, but many jurisdictions do not. Federal courts generally forbid the use of cameras. A criminal defense lawyer in Pasadena, CA planning to bring a relatively high-profile case to trial may be glad that there will be no cameras filming the proceedings. The defendant might be even more nervous if there were, even if they are not planning to testify. It is difficult enough to be on trial for a serious felony like murder or rape without facing cameras in court every day.

Cases That Go to Trial

Since a large majority of cases never make it to trial, any case that does may become quite interesting to the public. These cases may be ones in which the prosecution will not offer a plea bargain because the offense is too serious. In other instances, the defense will not accept a plea bargain that offers a harsh sentence, albeit a lesser one than would occur with conviction.

Defense attorneys want their clients to concentrate on being found not guilty and not about how they look on camera. Anyone who needs a skilled legal defense for a serious criminal charge may click here to learn about the Law Offices of David M. Wallin.

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