Work with a Bail Bond Company in Pontiac to Help Someone in Jail

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Bail Bond

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Being arrested brings a person’s life to a halt. If a friend or family member wants to help them out, one option they have is to pay the person’s bail so they can be released, therefore letting them continue to work and to hire a lawyer to help with the case. Many times, though, the bail amount can be more than the person can afford; however, in these cases, the person can work with a bail bond company in Pontiac to secure the bail amount.

The amount of bail is generally set based on the crime the arrested person is accused of, but a judge has the option of raising or lowering it depending on the person’s flight risk, risk of reoffending, and more. If the person helping cannot afford the full bail amount, they can still help the person by securing a bail bond by a collateral that covers the full amount of the bail. The collateral can be a cash deposit, generally around 10% of the full bail amount, or the title to something that has a value that is more than the full bail amount like a house or a vehicle.

In general, if the arrested person completes all terms of the bond, the person who secured it will not owe anything further and, if they secured the bond using a title as collateral, they will receive their collateral back. Cash is considered a fee and will not be refunded. The terms generally include attending all court hearings and not being arrested again, though there can be more terms. If the arrested person does not complete all of the terms, the person who obtained the bond may need to forfeit any collateral and pay the remaining 90% if they secured the bond with cash.

When a person wants to help a friend or family member who has been arrested, one option is to secure a bond to help pay the bail amount; however, this person should think carefully before doing so and ensure they understand all of the terms of the bond before they agree to it. Then, they can work with a bail bond company in Pontiac to secure it. Many places are available 24 hours a day so they can help their friend or family member no matter what time they’re arrested.

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