Understanding the Differences Between Bail and Bond Prior to Using Bail Bonding Services in Tarrant County, TX

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Bail Bond

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For those who have been arrested, Bail Bonding Services in Tarrant County TX can make it much easier to be released from jail quickly. Before speaking with a bail bondsman about obtaining a bond, it’s important for the person to understand the differences between bail and bond as well as what terms they’ll need to follow once they are released.

Court-Ordered Amount to be Paid

Bail is the court-ordered amount a person can pay to secure their release from jail. For minor crimes, this may be payable by the accused. However, for more serious crimes, the bail amount ordered through the courts may be too high. The bail can be a set amount depending on the crime they’re accused of committing. It can also be higher or lower depending on the facts of the case and the information the court has about the arrested person.

Assistance to Pay Full Bail Amount

A bail bond is a way to obtain assistance to cover the full bail amount so the accused can be released from jail. A loved one can secure the bond using a deposit of 10% of the bail amount or with collateral. The bondsman then pays the full bail amount to the jail, securing the arrested person’s release. This is often used when the accused cannot afford the full bail payment on their own.

Following the Terms

Bail and bail bonds have terms that must be followed or the arrested person risks being taken back to jail to await the end of their hearings. It’s important for the accused to understand the terms of their bail as well as any additional terms that might be included in a bail bond if they obtain one. Both sets of terms will need to be followed by the accused until their hearings are complete.

If you have been arrested and cannot afford the bail amount assigned through the courts, make sure you look into the help you can obtain through Bail Bonding Services in Tarrant County TX now. Visit the website for Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds to learn more about your options and how the bail experts can help you.

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