A Look at Gender Discrimination Law

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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The business world has come a long way when it comes to maintaining equality. However, it is still not a perfect world. Gender discrimination remains prevalent across all industries. Every year, close to 30,000 complaints are made in relation to gender discrimination in the workplace. Fortunately, federal law prohibits sex-based discrimination. The state law in California provides additional protections to ensure access to a fair and equal work environment. See what rights and remedies are available to you when you face gender discrimination.

Defining Sex Discrimination

Although gender discrimination seems pretty self-explanatory, there are a few specific things to understand. First, gender discrimination can affect members of either sex. The basic idea behind the concept is that one person is treated different by an employer based on his or her gender. The difference in treatment may be related to promotion opportunities, wages or other workplace opportunities. Workplace discrimination can actually come in many different forms. If you feel you are being victimized in some way, it is important to speak with an attorney that handles sex discrimination Ventura County CA.

What Laws Are in Place?

Californians are protected by both state and federal laws. First, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits such discrimination. In fact, this California law has even more bite than its federal counterpart. Federal legal protections come into play with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law makes it illegal to discriminate against protected classes. Both of these laws may apply to public and private employers. However, there is a difference in the minimum number of employees a firm must have in order to fall within the purview of these laws.

A Closer Look at Prohibited Acts

Sex discrimination Ventura County CA can occur in many different ways. Unfair practices in recruiting or advertising for a job are one way the law is violated. Additionally, offering different benefits packages based on gender is a violation. The law can also be triggered when a company lays off or recalls certain employees over others. In the end, there are numerous ways that a cause of action can arise. Consult a gender discrimination attorney for additional help.

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