Your Preferred Car Accident Attorney In Chicago

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Lawyers

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A Car Accident Attorney Chicago affords you with the opportunity to file a claim through the civil court to demand compensation from the driver who caused the accident. Through this claim, your attorney introduces evidence that explains the essence of the accident in terms of the detriment caused by it and a full disclosure of your injuries. With this full disclosure, your attorney presents graphic details of these injuries to the judge who may render a well-informed decision based on credible evidence instead of hearsay. To discuss your accident claim with an attorney, contact the Bizzieri Law Offices promptly.

Your Preferred Car Accident Attorney

The Bizzieri Law Offices obtain credible evidence to support your accident claim. This evidence offers a clear picture of your car accident and implores the judge to look deeper into the impact it had on your life. Whether the injuries are permanent or not, the driver at fault is responsible for the cost of medical attention and treatment needed for your injuries.

He or she is equally responsible for paying for your automobile repair services for any property damage sustained in this accident. If the responsible driver fails to compensate you for these costs, you have the legal right to file a claim through the civil court to demand monetary damages. The attorneys within this law office are here to assist you in demanding that the other driver remedy this situation immediately. To hire an attorney today visit


Your car accident attorney in Chicago area diligently fights for your rights in a personal injury claim to afford you a chance to receive the compensation that is rightfully yours. In automobile accidents, a law enforcement official generates a report of the accident and establishes fault based on the circumstances that caused it. Each driver is required to file this report with the automobile insurance carrier promptly.

The driver who is at fault is required to file a claim with their insurance carrier to pay your medical expenses due to injury within this accident and to repair your property. If the driver who was at fault failed to file this claim and consequently you were not compensated, contact the Bizzieri Law Offices today


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