What Will It Cost Me to File Social Security Disability?

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Lawyers

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Medical bills, rent, paying for your child?s living expenses ? a monthly income is essential for keeping you and your family afloat. When you?re unable to work because of a disability, what can you do? What will it cost you to file for disability benefits? More importantly: how and when can you start receiving help for your bills?

Money for Health Care
When filing for disability, you need medical records to back up your medical conditions, and you will need to visit the doctor on a regular basis. That will cost money and is necessary whether or not you have insurance. You may have heard that Medicaid and Medicare are available to people with disabilities, but there are still rules and regulations for receiving these benefits that prevent many disability applicants from qualifying for medical coverage. Medicare is a federal program that will provide you with medical care only after you have been receiving disability benefits for two years (not much help when applying for benefits). Medicaid is an option for some low income people applying for disability, but can require appeals and in some cases it can be very difficult and time consuming to get approved. Unfortunately, many disability claimants are not eligible for any medical benefits during the application and appeals process and have to rely on free clinics, ER visits, and paying out of pocket for treatment. When it comes to proving that you meet the requirements of Social Security disability, North Carolina residents should consider seeking the help of an experienced attorney to guide them through the process. An SSD attorney can do their best to help you in finding free or low cost treatment options, and offer you guidance on how to apply and appeal for Medicaid, if you qualify.

Hiring an Attorney Could Save You Money
When filing for Social Security disability, it can take years for the benefits to finally get to you for help in paying your rent, grocery bills, and medical bills. If you completed the paperwork on your own, gave inadequate information, or failed to submit medical evidence, you may be denied benefits. Seeking the assistance of an experience law firm can save you time and money. If you turn to a lawyer who has dealt with numerous disability claims, he will know what makes a successful case. Many SSD law firms offer a free case review, and if they decide to represent you, only charge a fee if your case is won.

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