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by | Jul 26, 2012 | Legal Services

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No one wants to become injured at work, but it does happen. It’s important to avoid common errors in order to get your full workers compensation that is due to you. Whenever you are in doubt it’s always a good idea to contact a workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA law firm to ask for a professional’s help in your area.

What is a Common Mistake When It Comes To Workers Compensation?

Most states require that accidents should be reported to an employer immediately and if they are making a claim you should report it to your employer in writing within 30 days of the accident.

It’s also important to inform you doctor of any accident or sickness that is the direct result of your work. Without a medical record or records indicating you were injured or struck by sickness due to work your claim my look suspicious. Suspicious claims more often than not get denied. 

What Do Workers Compensation Cedar Rapids, IA Professionals Need to Know?

It’s important to give you lawyer or law firm all the facts when it comes to your claim. Workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA lawyers and law firms should be knowledgeable in the workers compensation laws. These are difficult claims to handle even when lawyers have the facts.

Handicapping your lawyer without all the facts can make it that much more challenging to get you your workers compensation. Even those facts that you may consider detrimental to your claim can be handled successfully by a good workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA lawyer.

Why is it Important to Fully Comply With the Workers Compensation Claims Process?

It’s important to fully comply with the workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA professionals and the claims process. The insurance company will in some cases hire rehabilitation professionals in order to expedite the process of finding the victim suitable work. However, it’s important to have your lawyer involved in this process as well.

In most cases the vocation rehabilitation professional is not on your side, but having the right workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA lawyer on hand will make sure you get the very best in treatment. The rehabilitation counselor is trying to save the insurance company money and in turn it is their job to terminate your benefits if they can.

They can do this by finding you a job which makes you employed and unable to further receive benefits. They may also take advantage of the fact that you are not complying with their standards. This they may try to use against you in order to terminate benefits as well.


Workers Compensation Cedar Rapids, IA – If you have suffered injuries while at the workplace, Tom Riley Law Firm represents client’s in workers compensation matters. Get in touch with them.

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