How To Narrow Your Search For A Criminal Lawyer

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Attorney

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When you are being charged with a crime, you’ll be spending a lot of time trying to find a qualified criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach. Instead of wasting this valuable time surfing the Internet for attorneys that you really don’t know anything about, establish a process to effectively narrow your search to a few reputable and qualified lawyers who will work hard to defend you.

Your search will be most effective when you carefully follow some specific steps. Begin by choosing a lawyer with experience in criminal cases. Next, pay attention to the amount of experience that the lawyer has. Finally, be prepared with some important information-specific questions.

You can quickly eliminate large numbers of attorneys listed in the phone book or with ads on the Internet by only searching for a criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach. A divorce attorney with a flashy ad can be safely eliminated from your search. You are focusing on lawyers with experience defending in criminal cases. An extremely qualified lawyer on the West Coast will also be quickly eliminated when you narrow your search to criminal lawyers in your specific area. Remember, choose a lawyer who focuses on criminal cases.

Your next step will be to figure out how much experience the lawyer has. This will apply to the area of practice that they have focused on (criminal cases) and the number of trials that the lawyer has actually taken and been successful in over the years. The level of experience that a lawyer has is a great indicator in how your specific case will go. Not all experienced lawyers are extremely high priced. You may find that a public defender has many years’ worth of experiences trying criminal cases. You can ask your assigned public defender the same questions that you have prepared for interviews with other potential lawyers in order to decide if he or she will work well for you.

Your first questions will, of course, be concerning the length of time the attorney has been practicing and how many cases have gone to trial and have been won. You’l also want to verify that the criminal lawyer in Dayton Beach is board certified. It might be helpful to determine if the lawyer you are speaking to will be the person actually doing the work on your case or if other lawyers will be involved. Ask if the lawyer has any involvement in professional organizations and if he or she has held any positions in those organizations. This question will give you information about how other lawyers in the area feel about the attorney you are questioning. Finally, don’t forget to ask about fees.

Choosing a criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach will be one of your most important decisions during your experience. Carefully approach your search for a criminal lawyer in Daytona Beach as you would all other major decisions.

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