Get Help From Disability Lawyers in Illinois

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Legal Services

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There are many illnesses and injuries that can cause a person to become permanently disabled. A person who is disabled often feels unsure of how they will make ends meet and support themselves. This is why the government passed laws that allow people to file for social security disability. Though it is the right of disabled workers to receive benefits, many are unfairly denied. Even in denial, there are options to continue pursuing a claim. To get help in protecting their rights, many disabled people hire disability lawyers in Illinois.

Filing for disability is meant to be a straightforward process, but many people end up being confused. When disability lawyers in Illinois are hired, they are able to help the applicant be sure their paperwork is correctly filed. Many denials occur because applicants do not provide the necessary documents and information.

There are several forms that will need to be submitted. There is also medical documentation that will be asked for. All physicians the person is under the care of will need to fill out documents. A lawyer can assist their client in getting the necessary forms filled out. This can help to prevent delays and possible denials because of a lack of information.

Should a denial be received, the lawyers can still help. Denials can be appealed up to the court level. When an appeal goes to court, it is heard before a disability judge. The lawyer will be able to submit medical records and bring in doctors to testify on his client’s behalf.

It will be up to the judge to make the determination on whether or not the disabled person will be approved for benefits. Should an approval be granted, the applicant will receive their benefits dating back to the time they first filed. This lump sum payment is given and then monthly payments will begin soon after.

Those who are facing disability need not worry through the process. Having the help of an attorney can make the process go much more smoothly. For more information, visit The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates. This will give disabled people the help they need to receive the benefits they deserve.

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