Why you need a Bankruptcy attorney Portland located

by | Jan 15, 2013 | Lawyers

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In the course of our business or personal financial lives, we may often find ourselves in a pile of debt and with an army of angry creditors chasing after our possessions. At this point, retaining the services of the best bankruptcy attorney Portland has to offer is usually your best option. However some individuals often choose to resolve this issue on their own which is a grave error in judgment since experience and a good knowledge of bankruptcy law is vital to coming out on top in these situations.

What benefits do you get from retaining a bankruptcy lawyer?

1. Creditor harassment protection: when they contact you, you can simply direct your creditors to your attorney. If the calls persist, your attorney is at liberty to tell them to desist and that all future correspondence be done through him.
2. Protection from uncertainty. A bankruptcy petition can be a long and complex affair and it’s always advisable to have an expert near you to explain the proceedings, expectations and explain the fastest way to a discharge. The best bankruptcy attorney Portland has to offer will provide peace of mind and an assurance that all legal affairs are taken care of.
3. Protection from the unknown. Bankruptcy law can be complicated and that is why you need an attorney for instance, to let you know that that 15-year-old debt has most likely outlived its statute of limitations. It saves you money on debts you don’t have to pay.
4. Protection from costly mistakes. Finally, the consult of the bankruptcy attorney ensures you don’t make any mistakes in the course of the trial such as filing incorrect paperwork and ensuring that you list all the relevant assets in your petition or you could end up losing them. On top for that, bankruptcy law is constantly evolving and you need the guidance of someone who knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

How to select a good lawyer

When selecting a good bankruptcy attorney, Portland residents should take a few things into consideration. The first consideration to make would be the experience of the lawyer you are planning on working with. You don’t want your bankruptcy case to be a test case for an inexperienced attorney. Next, you should choose a responsive bankruptcy attorney Portland located who answers your calls in a timely manner. By following these guidelines, Portland residents can be assured of selecting the best attorney for their case.



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