Surviving Your First Holiday After A Divorce

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Law

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If you or someone you know has ever gone through a divorce you know all too well just how hard it is to survive your first holiday afterwards.  Many times there are a lot of family traditions wrapped around holidays and therefore divorce can make them quite hard to deal with. Christmas is an especially hard holiday to get through after a divorce.  This is because you are going to want to have your child with you on Christmas morning, but what if your ex wants the same thing?  What then?  You will have to come to some sort of compromise either rotating years or whatever it is you have to come up with to make the holiday better for everyone involved.  It is a good thing if one of you celebrates Christmas traditionally with their family on Christmas Eve and the other family celebrates on Christmas day, this is a win-win situation for everyone and you are blessed if this is how it works out for you!

Holidays tend to have anticipation that comes before them and then max’s out during the event and then perhaps even has sadness associated with them after the holiday has passed.   This is normal for holidays, especially Christmas and even for those of you who are not divorced.  Imagine adding divorce to this already stressful time of year and dealing with it during the holiday.

How do you survive your first holiday after a divorce you may ask?  The answer is quite simple really; you love your child and love yourself and those around you.  If you surround yourself with those you love and cherish during the holiday’s you will not feel as sad about your divorce.  Do not feel bad about it if you get the blues the first few holidays after your divorce because this is normal and you would be less than normal if you didn’t.

Be sure to start new traditions with your child and your extended family during this first holiday after your divorce.  Traditions are fun and also help you and your child to feel grounded again and can help you begin to heal after a divorce.  You may also want to keep a few traditions you had as a married person as well.  For example if you always went to see Christmas lights on Christmas eve and now your ex wants to have your child on that night, make it a tradition to go see lights with your child on the night before Christmas Eve… why not?

You will be surprised at just how easy the holidays get after you get past your first holiday as a single person.  Hang in there and remember that it will be much easier next year.

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