Where to Find an Experienced Social Security Lawyer

by | Feb 16, 2013 | Lawyers

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One place to look for credible and winning social security disability lawyer is through the Forum that is published by the National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives. When it comes to getting approved and cutting through the miles of red tape from the social security office you absolutely need an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Without one you could send in your paperwork and wait over a year only to find out the way you applied, or something you filled out incorrectly is going to keep you from getting approved.

It’s not just the actual application forms that must be answered perfectly but also the forms in support of your disability claim, and it’s where the social security lawyer is most helpful. How the doctors phrase your information on both your medical charts and their answers to the direct inquiries they will receive from the Social Security Administration directly that quickly can disqualify a candidate, no matter how legitimate their disability is. It’s almost as if the actual disability that qualifies you to apply matters not, but instead it’s how applicable and the way that the application is founded that determines if the application is progressed through the remainder of the approval process.

When you consider the number of hours involved in the process that takes generally over one year, you can rest assured that your iss motivated as you are to get your approval. If he fails he doesn’t get paid for over a years’ worth of work. When you consider this fact it only makes common sense to use the service of a Social Security disability lawyer. Also when you consider that almost every individual who applies is rejected on their first attempt when they file on their own, why would you even attempt it without the experienced attorneys help?

Most all who make application without the help of a social security lawyer are denied as soon as the form processer sees the first wrong answer. So in essence once you receive your initial rejection, even if you fix your mistake and reapply, you are likely to have other issues unaddressed according to their strict government guidelines. You have to think of it as if you are applying for a grant from the government. It’s just as you would imagine any government funding program, stringent, without clear clarification on questions asked, and processed by initially a machine. Its red tape just as it is with any government type funding or grants. You wouldn’t try to get a grant from the government without hiring qualified and experienced governmental grant writers would you? Of course not, so why would you make Social Security disability claims without professional and experienced social security lawyer?


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