Where there is an injury there needs to be lawyer

by | Feb 12, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you suffer an injury, either a physical injury or an emotional injury as a direct result of someone else’s negligence then you need the professional services of a Injury Attorney. Negligence is often caused by another person but companies can be negligent as can the government.

In law, personal injury is classifies as tort. Tort law applies when there are issues with civil wrongs or damage to a person’s reputation, rights or property. Although a Injury Attorney is capable of handling other legal issues he tends to specialize in injuries suffered on the job, automobile accidents, defective product, medical malpractice etc.

A Injury Attorney mainly works for the plaintiff in a case. Someone who feels they have been injured will contact the attorney and tell of the event. The attorney will evaluate what he hears and if he feels there is ample reason to take the case he will, at this time the attorney begins to identify what he feels is the strongest issue in prosecuting the case. Any attorney is charged with the responsibility of assisting his client; this is very true with personal injury cases where the client is praying for a financial settlement to compensate for his loss or suffering.

The attorney, once he has studied all the angles of the case usually attempts to settle the issue out of court but in the event the approach to the defense fails he will take the case to court. During the entire process the attorney is bound by the attorney/client code of conduct which demands that the lawyer must adhere to a code of confidentiality, the lawyer is bound to represent his clients best interests at all time, including a recommendation for settlement.

Once a Injury Attorney has completed his law school education and passed the state bar examination his is free to practice law. To reach this point is difficult; the demands are a minimum of 4 years university and then attain a degree from a law school accredited by the state. A licensed attorney can accept any case he wishes and which he feels he is competent in handling. Ethics demand that the attorney only take cases where he feels he is competent in representing the client. An attorney who decides to focus his attention of personal injury cases gains a great deal of expose to and experience in pleading medical malpractice cases, product liability, wrongful death and workplace injury. The laws pertaining to personal injury are very complex and specialization is almost mandatory.

Many attorneys choose to work with a large law firm when they first graduate law school. This gives them the opportunity to work closely with seasoned lawyers who can help with the complexities of the case.

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