Drinking and Driving has Numerous Consequences

Michigan residents who have never had any kind of previous record suddenly find themselves in a complicated predicament when they get their first DUI. Not only is one’s driving record besmirched, but a drunk driving charge can disrupt one’s own life to an incredible extent. A criminal conviction not only makes a person appear to be irresponsible (possibly also connoting the idea that one has a drinking problem), but other consequences can be pretty dire, not only to possible victims of drunk driving, but to the person who has been arrested and charged with a crime.

The reasons for stringent laws regarding drinking while driving or under the influence of alcohol are usually pretty obvious. Statistics show that in Michigan alone, drunk driving results in several hundred deaths every year. Injuries on the road and property loss are also prevalent as a result of people being on the road who are impaired and should not be driving. In 2008, there were more than 35,000 arrests made due to DUI related activity, according to statistics compiled in 2012. It’s obvious to most people that drinking and driving is a serious mistake, and can have terrible and even fatal consequences, therefore legislation is in effect in order to dissuade people from participating in that kind of behavior.

Even if it is one’s first offense in Michigan, she can still be sentenced to serve time in jail. Another consequence that can happen as a result of a DUI is the installation of an ignition interlock device in a defendant’s car, as ordered by a judge. This device tests the driver’s BAC, and if it is over a certain limit, the car will fail to start. Driving privileges will likely be restricted, the cost of car insurance will increase, and statistically, the likelihood of getting another DUI in the future jumps dramatically. It’s important for those who are charged to be proactive, and to find a drunk driving attorney in Grand Rapids, MI who can help soften the blow, as well as prevent future incidents.

Most people who find themselves unexpectedly facing a DUI charge avail themselves of a drunk driving attorney from Grand Rapids, MI who can assist them in their defense or in softening consequences. There are many steps that a drunk driving attorney can take in Grand Rapids, MI court in order to defend anyone charged with a DUI, as well as challenge a conviction. Questioning the legitimacy or legality of a traffic stop, as well as the legality of the implementation of a breathalyzer are two common ways lawyers successfully defend DUI cases.

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