Understanding a Warrant in Berlin, MD

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Lawyers

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You have probably seen it a half a dozen times in the movies. A cop will drive up behind a driver and pull him or her over. He will check his or her license and registration information. Then the cop will ask the driver to step out of the car with his or her hands behind their head. Then the cop will read the person’s rights and make an arrest.

Then there are times that you read in the news that a person has a warrant out for his or her arrest. What does it really mean when a person has a Warrant in Berlin MD? It’s a completely different feeling when you discover that there is a warrant out for your arrest. Here are a few answers that most people have about warrants:

Who issues an arrest warrant?

A courthouse judge is responsible for issuing warrants.

What is a Warrant in Berlin MD

A warrant in Berlin, MD basically explains the type of crime a person has committed. It includes the date and the name of the individual who is responsible for the crime. It also includes the judge’s name who issued the warrant.

The judge will also have an affidavit that includes the crime the person committed. It includes that the court has probable cause to believe that a particular individual on the arrest warrant has possibly committed the crime. Judges issue arrest warrants for misdemeanors and felonies as well.

So You Missed A Court Date

Have you missed a court date and there is a warrant out for your arrest? Often times, a judge may be understandable when a person missed a court hearing. However, this has to be a legitimate reason. For instance, if you say that you forgot, this is not considered a valid reason. Illness, death in the family or something of that nature is considered a good reason.

Depending on your case, you will need to eventually turn yourself in and answer for your warrant. All you have to do is simply contact the jail and arrange for a time to report. You will also need to bring money for any kind of bond so that you can be released quickly as possible. Lastly, you will need to attend the hearing so that the judge can make his or her final decision.

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