Six Factors That Contribute To Most Car Accidents

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Auto Accident Attorney

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Car accidents are a traumatizing experience for everyone involved; dealing with the injuries and the hassles with the insurance after the accident can make everything much worse. If you find yourself in a vehicle accident, you will need to find a car accident attorney Federal Way; though it is much better to find ways to avoid a car accident in the first place. There are many situations that can occur that increase the likelihood of needing a car accident attorney in Federal Way; including distracted driving, traffic violations, driver error, equipment failure, road conditions, and the design of the road.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accounts for the majority of car accidents. Around 80% of car accidents are caused for this reason. Drivers may be distracted for reasons including texting, phone calls, and other tasks performed while driving.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations may also cause car accidents; speeding, improper lane change, not yielding at the proper time, and tailgating can all be considered traffic violations. When you or another driver fails to follow the established rules of the road, someone will be injured and a car accident attorney in Federal Way will be needed.

Driver Error

Another cause of many car accidents is errors of the driver. Drivers need to be on constant alert while behind the wheel, but many situations can make this requirement more difficult; including fatigue and drowsiness, inattention, distractions, aggressive driving, and intoxication. Driver error may be magnified even more when several of these are combined while driving.

Equipment Failure

Mechanical problems may cause many accidents and result in needing a car accident attorney in Federal Way. Faulty brakes, steering mechanisms, and tires may cause a vehicle to spin out of control and cause an accident. Pay attention to any recalls on parts of your vehicle; this may be enough to save your life or the life of another person.

Road Conditions

Rainy or icy roads, along with debris and road construction may result in a vehicle accident. When driving on the road, it is important to pay attention to the road conditions around you. When road conditions require extra caution, it is important to pay attention to the road and other drivers near you. It is easy to lose control while driving on bad road conditions.

Design of the Road

The design of the road may also contribute to vehicle accidents; a curved road may make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. If the road design in flawed there may be many problems present including merging lanes, traffic control devices, and intersection; if any of these are contributing to your vehicle accident, the government might be responsible.

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