Seeking Help From a Slip And Fall Attorney in Bremerton

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Lawyers

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No one starts out the day expecting to sustain some type of injury. What began as running a quick errand ended up with a trip to the hospital after slipping and falling in a retail store. Along with the pain and the inconvenience, there is the matter of lost wages and medical expenses to consider. This is where help from a slip and fall attorney in Bremerton will make a difference.

Evaluating the Situation

Even before the client is out of the hospital, the slip and fall attorney in Bremerton will be investigating the event that led to the injury. This will include looking over any information collected at the time of the accident, talking with the medical team that responded to the site, and also having a look at any police reports that were filed. Assuming there are witnesses to the event, the attorney will want to speak with each one. The goal is to reconstruct the chain of events as they took place. Doing so will make it much easier to determine if the client really does have a case.

Attempting to Settle

Assuming there is plenty of evidence on hand to pursue the case, the attorney will seek to settle with the responsible party. In many cases, this effort will be successful, especially when there is no way to deny that responsibility. Keep in mind that the plan is to secure enough financial resources to cover the costs of medical care related to the event, including any costs that may be incurred in the future. If the client was out of work and lost wages. As a result, those will be taken into account as well.

In the best case scenario, the settlement offered will be acceptable to both parties and the matter will be considered closed. If not, the attorney will file the necessary paperwork and take the matter to court. All evidence obtained during the investigation will be used to present the case and seek to secure a favorable outcome for the client.

For anyone who has sustained an injury recently, visit us and make arrangements for a consultation. Doing so is the first step toward receiving the compensation deserved.

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