Engaging the Services of an Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Injury Attorneys

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Whether the injury occurred on the job or in some other setting, it is a wise move to speak with an injury attorney in Birmingham, AL. Legal counsel can make what happens to be a difficult time a little easier to manage. Here are some of the ways that the attorney will protect the interests of the client.

Assessing the Case

One of the first things that an injury attorney in Birmingham, AL will want to do is go over every aspect of the events leading up to the injury. Who was present, what was happening, and how quickly did the client receive medical attention after the injury took place? Any bit of information, no matter how innocuous, will not escape the attention of the attorney. This is important, since there may be some minor detail that has a strong bearing on the case, and those responsible would love it to remain out of sight.

Dealing With the Insurance Company

Rest assured that when there is no doubt about who is responsible for the injury, representatives from the insurance company will come calling. Remember that their main concern is not the welfare of the injured party. They are charged with the task of settling the claim for as little as possible. Expect them to do whatever they can to shift at least part of the blame for the accident to the injured party. If successful, they can go for a lower settlement amount.

Do not talk with those representatives directly. Instead, provide them with the name and contact information of the attorney. Any and all queries can be managed with the advice of counsel. Using this approach ensures that some comment made in all innocence will not provide the opportunity for the insurance company to get out of having to pay the injured party every penny that is deserved.

For anyone who has recently sustained an injury at the hands of another party, arrange to meet Forstman & Cutchen today. After reviewing the merits of the case, it will be possible to determine what sort of action should take place next. At every step of the process, rest assured the attorney will protect the rights of the client and fight for a fair settlement.

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