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by | Sep 17, 2018 | Injury Attorneys

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A personal injury occurs when someone is negligent and causes the bodily injury of another person. Personal injuries may result from slip and falls, auto accidents and dog bites, among many others. Those who are injured because of the negligence of another party need to be aware of how they can get help from the injury lawyers in Tucson, AZ. Getting help from a lawyer can make a big difference in how the process of seeking compensation proceeds.

How to Get Help from a Lawyer

In the state of Arizona, injured individuals have two years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit. Waiting too long can lead to a person’s inability to further seek any form of compensation. It is essential an individual seeks a consultation appointment early on in the process so they can make sure their case will receive the attention it needs.

To meet with the lawyer, a consultation appointment should be scheduled. This appointment is generally free for new clients, so there are no fees to worry about. If the injured party decides to hire the lawyer, they can rest assured they will likely be given the option of contingency, which means they will not be required to make any payments if their case is won. This type of fee arrangement often gives injured individuals a great deal of stress relief.

How Will the Lawyer Help?

When an injured party hires a lawyer to help them, the lawyer immediately starts the process of investigating the claim. In any type of civil matter, the burden of proving their case lies with the plaintiff. For this reason, the lawyer will work tirelessly to make sure they gather as much evidence as possible so they can be sure to prove liability and the measurable damages of their client.

If you have been seriously injured because of the negligent actions of another person, it is your right to seek them for compensation. If you would like legal help with your case, contact Price and Price Law. They are a law group that fights for the rights of their client to help them get the fair outcome they deserve.

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