How Tenant Attorneys in Chicago Assist Their Clients

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Attorney

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Most landlords are very responsible people; they take care of their property and don’t put their tenants in unsafe situations. However, there are some people who purchase property with no intention of taking care of it or ensuring their tenants are safe, and they merely expect to collect rent on a monthly basis and might even evict tenants who continually complain about the living conditions. While the law tends to favor landlords in many aspects, such as their right to collect the rent due on their apartment units, there are provisions which protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords.

Tenant attorneys in Chicago might help renters who have made every effort to work with their landlord to correct problematic situations but are unable to convince them to cooperate. Tenants who live in rental units with water leaks, rodents or other unsafe conditions might be able to move without paying their landlord for the remainder of their lease. It’s important to go through the proper legal channels to ensure the landlord is not able to sue for the balance due on the lease in the future.

There are laws that require landlords to go through specific steps in order to evict a tenant; they cannot simply lock a tenant out of their rental unit because the rent is late. If something like this happens, a tenant should contact tenant attorneys in Chicago right away because illegal evictions are not a common problem but they represent a hardship for the people who experience them. A landlord who is found to have illegally evicted a tenant might have to pay them damages, including covering the costs of their relocation and any property they lost while they were unable to access their apartment.

Sometimes landlord and tenant disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, and if a tenant must go to court to fight an eviction, they can be represented by attorneys like Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells. A lawyer might attempt to negotiate with the landlord to settle the disagreement and if that isn’t possible, present their client’s case to the judge. An attorney might be able to help a client avoid an eviction that could make it difficult for them to find new housing. To know more connect with them on Facebook.

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