Planning Your Social Security Disability Marketing

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Lawyers

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The benefits of social security disability marketing for your law firm cannot be overstated. It is essential to keep your organization in the public eye so that you are the first place an individual goes when he or she needs your services. However, your presence must be authentic and add value, rather than simply broadcasting your name everywhere. Plan ahead and create a strategy that will work year-round to reach potential clients. These key concepts can add value to your marketing plan.

Holiday Messages

Include seasonal greetings in your advertising during holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year?s Day are the most widely-celebrated. If you provide services to veterans, be sure to include Veteran?s Day on your calendar. Tailor your choices to suit the demographic your message is intended to reach.

Awareness Months

Research the awareness months for the types of health cases your firm takes on or sees most frequently. In your advertising, highlight ways that you have helped individuals with the specific condition or how your specialization makes you uniquely qualified to do so. By narrowing your focus, you are more likely to catch the attention of individuals who are in need of your services.

Public Events

Schedule a few public speaking events throughout the year. This could be directed towards colleagues, such as a lecture at a local law school, or toward potential clients, such as a public health seminar. Look for opportunities that highlight your specialization. On your website, include an events calendar where potential clients can come and listen to you speak. This is especially important if your firm is a solo operation, as it will give people a chance to get to know and trust you.

Send a Newsletter

Having a regular newsletter sent by mail and/or email is a significant benefit to your Social Security disability marketing. Individuals who visit your website should have multiple opportunities to opt-in and the process should be very simple. Those who sign up are specifically interested in hearing from you, so make your message something from which they can benefit. This might include current relevant health and legal news, local goings-on, or activities within your firm that are appropriate to share.

Hire a Consultant

When you are unsure what elements your social security disability marketing is lacking or how to improve, it can be helpful to work with a professional marketing company. Choosing an organization that specializes in disability law marketing will give you a competitive edge. A marketing advisor can provide research data, negotiate for the best advertising rates, and save you a significant amount of time. An agency can help you create a balanced marketing strategy that includes your website, television advertisements, and other local outlets. Click here for more information.


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