Why would anyone need a tax lawyer?

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Lawyers

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Many people can go through life and never any dealings with the IRS or other tax authorities other than timely filling once a year, others are not so lucky and they may be selected for an audit or they may find themselves with any one of a dozen problems with the IRS. With tax law being so convoluted and the fact that it is a moving target, a person who does have a problem will be well advised to hire a tax lawyer in Georgia.

A tax lawyer works with tax payers, looking to help them solve the problems that they have with the IRS or state revenue department. As taxation laws, rules and regulations are so complex that they normally focus their attention exclusively on issues of tax and tax relief. The lawyer can help the client who has found himself in trouble with the tax authorities be it an audit, the removal of liens or work toward having fines reduced or eliminated all together, they are well versed to navigate the complexities of tax issues that face both individuals and small businesses.

Many owners of small businesses consider their tax lawyer in Georgia to be equally important as their accountant. Tax lawyers can work with the small business owner, identifying potential problems and heading them off before they even take hold. A tax lawyer can see trouble spots and see that they are corrected before they become problematic.

United States tax laws are contained in tomes that the weak hearted want to stay away from. The laws that apply to taxes are extremely complex and over and above that they change frequently. A tax lawyer in Georgia is obliged to stay on top of all the laws so that he or she can advise clients accordingly. The tax lawyer can assist clients with trust funds, stock portfolios, etc and structure them in such as way that the taxpayer gets no unpleasant surprises when they file their return.

If a consumer finds himself in over his head with the IRS, it is important that he or she consult a tax lawyer immediately. Although the IRS can appear sluggish, the fines that they can impose can quickly snowball. It is in the best interest of the tax payer to look after any IRS issues quickly while they are still manageable. Waiting to deal with IRS problems can end up costing you far more if they are allowed to drag on.
Tax penalties are something that should be avoided at all costs, the longer you wait to deal with the IRS the more expensive it can be. When you need a tax lawyer in Georgia you are invited to contact Jeffrey L. Cohen, Attorney at Law. Click here to find expert tax lawyer

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