How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney In Auburn, Indiana

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Lawyers

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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn Indiana is a serious decision. There’s a lot riding on the outcome; medical bills may be ongoing for an unknown length of time, lost wages are having a devastating impact on the family and, worst of all, there may be no way to tell the long-term consequences of the injuries. The insurance company may have made an offer that seems much too low. It all seems like too much to deal with.

The last thing anyone needs in this situation is to have one more chore put on their plate, but it’s important to find an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn Indiana. Any lawsuit is complex and negotiating with insurance companies takes experience. Choose the best attorney for your case and then concentrate on getting well.

Look for a Lawyer who has Successfully Settled Similar Cases

Three ways to find the best attorney for your case include:

1. Asking family, friends and others, remembering that any valid suggestions must be for experienced personal injury lawyers;
2. Calling the Indiana Bar Association for referrals;
3. Checking with a legal referral service, such as Nolo’s Lawyer Directory.

Collect the Paperwork

The more information the attorney has, the better evaluation can be made of the case.

For auto accidents, bring registration and license information.

For all accidents, provide:

1. Insurance information;
2. Accident details, including date and time, weather, contact information for those involved and witnesses;
3. Any pictures that were taken of the accident or the scene;
4. Accident reports and copies of any tickets written after the accident;
5. Information on any charges brought against anyone.

Medical information needed:

1. Medical records;
2. Test results and X-rays.

Gather Information on Expenses:

1. Current and projected medical expenses;
2. Pay stubs and data on time lost from work.

Bring all correspondence from insurance companies.

Schedule Interviews with More than One Attorney

1. Collect all of the paperwork and schedule initial consultations.
2. No reputable attorney will guarantee an outcome or settlement, although an experienced attorney will know the outcomes in previous cases.

Discuss Fees and Costs

1. These will probably be different with each attorney.
2. Understand exactly what the client is expected to pay for, and when.
3. Experience matters more than cost.

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