You have Need Social Security Disability Income and you Live in Stockton, CA

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Lawyer

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Unfortunately, you were in an unbelievably bad car accident, with the fault being with the other driver. You are now unable to work and, due to your injuries, you will never again be able to hold a full-time job. You have no other means of support and no one who can help you out with your everyday expenses. You have no idea of how you will support yourself for the rest of your lifetime.

It is also sad that even having worked for all these years, you have virtuously no money saved. You never made a lot of extra money and used every bit of your paycheck to pay your personal expenses. You have no idea of how you will support yourself. Out of desperation, you talk with the priest at your church. He tells you that since you worked all your life and paid into the Social Security system, you should be eligible for disability income from the Social Security Administration.

You think that you are smart enough to file a claim by yourself but after looking into the application you realize that you need an SSI attorney in Stockton, CA to help you. An experienced attorney who is familiar with the issues surrounding the application will make a significant difference in whether you are denied that income. If you are, your attorney can file a claim to have your case reexamined. An experienced SSI attorney in Stockton, CA will often succeed in getting your case reconsidered successfully.

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