Handle Real Estate Transactions with the Assistance of a Real Estate Attorney

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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There are many types of real estate transactions outside of purchasing a new home. In fact, legal counsel that is related to real estate typically involves construction and development. Some of the best real estate attorneys understand the laws governing real estate transactions and have appeared before administrative bodies, federal zoning bodies, and state, regional, and local courts. Leading developers for commercial, industrial and residential projects have all used the exemplary legal services provided by law firms that have practice areas in real estate. When you need the legal services of a reputable real estate attorney in Wichita, KS, consider speaking with representatives from Fleeson Gooing Attorneys at Law.

Available Real Estate Law Services

  • Drafting and Negotiation of Construction Contracts
  • Representation in Front of Administration Boards, Agencies, and Commissions
  • Lease and Financing Agreement Negotiations
  • Legal Services in Relation to the Construction and Development of Different Types of Property
  • Legal Services in Relations to Commercial Development

Real Estate Lawyers with Litigation Experience

While you may not need to take real estate transactions to court since most do not require litigation, it is always good to know that the attorney representing you has the capability of handling a case in court, as well. They should have experience litigating real estate transactions that have gone awry. Not only does this aid clients when they need it most, it shows that the attorney is also capable of handling transactions by informing clients that they are also prepared to conduct depositions and go to trial. Owning real estate can come with a multitude of risks. Real estate owners can suffer from a vast number of disputes including commercial and construction foreclosure, transaction fraud, and environmental contamination. When a problem arises, you need an experienced attorney that can aggressively advocate in your defense.

Choose an Intelligent and Experienced Real Estate Attorney

If you are faced with a real estate legality that requires immediate attention, you need to find an intelligent and knowledgeable real estate attorney that will work hard for you. This is especially true for real estate owners facing environmental problems. Your legal counsel should be able to represent you and stand before the EPA or the KDHE and appropriately defend you. Property owners need the legal defense that can bolster them concerning environmental violations issued by state and federal authorities, with the aptitude of defending their clients in a court of law too.

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