What You Need to Know About Marriage Petitions for Immigration Purposes

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Lawyers

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There are many stories of a situation gone bad because someone got married to someone from another country. The situation starts out innocently enough. An American boy meets a girl from another country and wants to marry her. They are both in love, so that should be the end of it, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. The case might be that she is just looking to gain legal status as an American citizen, using a phony marriage as a front. That is just the beginning. The first thing you will want to get straight before pursuing the marriage is the filing of Marriage petitions.

A properly filled out marriage petition will help simplify an otherwise complex process for a non-resident alien to get married to a U.S. citizen. This usual method of marriage for the sake of becoming a U.S. citizen is called having “green card” status. Each year, over 450,000 marriages occur between a U.S. citizen and a person of foreign soil. In the year 2003 alone, close to 185,000 immigrants came to the United States by way of being married to a citizen of America.

There are various issues that surround this type of marriage. It becomes necessary to ensure that thorough Marriage petitions are filled out to avoid having to repeat the process all over again. It is also critical to understand everything that must follow through in order to ensure that the marriage is valid. Because of the fraudulent nature of so many marriages of these types, a law passed in 1986 was intended to prevent marriage fraud. Such persons who are immigrants and are married in this way are still considered conditional immigrants until the proper time has passed.

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