If You Were Denied, You Need To Talk To A Social Security Disability Attorney In Chicago

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Many believe that everyone who applies for Social Security Disability is denied the first time. That’s not quite true, but 65% of those who apply are denied on their first application. It’s not possible to prevent every denial, but understanding the reasons that Social Security uses for denials might make it easier to get an approval. Since disability benefits often are accompanied by health care benefits, getting an approval as soon as possible can be critically important.

Are You on Good Terms with Your Doctors?

Medical reasons provide the most common reason for a denial when applying for Social Security Disability. The criteria that Social Security uses is that the medical impairment must last at least 12 months or result in death. Blindness provides the only exception to the rule. If a person’s medical issue is not on the list of qualifying medical ailments, that will be a tremendous hurdle to cross.

Doctors are extremely busy people with little time for complicated paperwork. Social Security requires written medical opinions from all doctors involved in a person’s care; not all doctors are aware of just what information Social Security is looking for. If this paperwork is not done correctly, Social Security examiners may well decide that the medical condition is not severe enough to warrant disability payments.

Solution: A Social Security disability attorney in Chicago deals with this problem constantly. An attorney can prepare questions for the doctors that will elicit the information needed to win the claim.

Another reason for a medical denial can arise when a person develops symptoms that are not covered in the current medical records.

Solution: An attorney can determine the best time to visit a specialist and get up-to-date medical records covering all symptoms suffered by the applicant.

Technical Denials

A technical denial for Social Security Disability means that the applicant did not meet the financial requirements. The denial may state that the applicant:

1. Earned too much;
2. Didn’t work long enough to pay enough into Social Security;
3. Didn’t work recently enough, or five out of the last ten years.

Jeffrey A. Rabin is a Social Security Disability Attorney in Chicago who only works for those who need help with their disability claims. For over 32 years, The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. has been assisting those who need help.

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