DWI Lawyer Charleston- Choosing the Best Lawyer

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Legal Services

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DWI Lawyer at CharlestonThere are so many lawyers out there who can represent you in DWI cases. However, it is not all about hiring any lawyer that you come across. You have to ensure that the lawyer you go for is not only competent but is also reliable. There are several guidelines that need to be followed when choosing a DWI lawyer Charleston:

* It is imperative to consider the area of focus of the DWI lawyer. Some lawyers practice as generalized lawyers and others practice as specialized lawyers. When choosing a lawyer, you need to consider the area of the specialization of the lawyer. Working with specialized lawyers promises better results than working with the generalized lawyers. Always consider whether the lawyer has the capacity to handle your case. Given the serious consequences of DWI cases, you should ensure that your case is placed in the right hands.

* The academic qualifications and training of the lawyer also needs to be considered. You should not hesitate to make an enquiry regarding the qualification of the lawyer. The lawyer should have some specialized and advanced training in DWI. The DWI laws, the scientific methods and the principles that are used to arrest and prosecute the DWI offenders are constantly changing. It is for this reason that the DWI lawyer needs to attend refresher seminars and courses. This will keep him updated of all the developments in the DWI lawyers making him competent to handle your case.

* When evaluating various lawyers so as to settle for the best DWI lawyer Charleston, you need to consider the legal fees of hiring the lawyer. The legal fees may be hourly though some attorneys may charge a flat rate. The rates charged may vary depending on the level of experience of the attorney and also his reputation. Consider the legal fee and determine whether it is affordable or whether it is fair.

* Ensure that you take some time to understand the fee structure of the DWI lawyer. Consider the extent of coverage of the attorney’s fees. In some cases, you may find that the attorney’s fee covers only part of your defense. It is advisable to get a contract in writing that outlines clearly what the attorney fees cover. The legal fees should cover aspects such as motion hearings, preliminary court appearances and DMV hearings.

Above all, when hiring a DWI lawyer Charleston, it is imperative to ensure that you hire an attorney whom you feel connected to. Go for the lawyer that you can comfortably relate with at all times. A successful client-attorney relationship goes beyond the skills of the attorney. You have to ensure that the attorney is approachable and that you are comfortable enough to disclose your affairs to him.

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