The Big Help a Social Security Attorney can give you

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Lawyers

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There are a lot of things that must be submitted in order to meet the requirements set by the federal government in order to qualify for a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI). This is a payroll tax, funded and issued by the state, to provide supplementary income to physically restricted individuals who are unable to get employed or to continue working due to their notable disability. This benefit, once approved, may vary such that some benefits may be granted on a temporary basis while others may get them permanently. In order to get the benefits, one must undergo legal processes and prove certain facts before the court. This may sound easy to do, but with all the strictness and complexity of the system, you need to seek for legal representative like a Social Security Disability Attorney in Rochester NY. These lawyers are important for you in presenting your papers and proving before the court the veracity of your situation. There are thousands of people who get denied because of mistakes and poor application strategies which could have been easily avoided had a legal professional been hired in the first place.

A Social security disability attorney in Rochester NY can help you get things done perfectly. These lawyers have specialized knowledge regarding the law of social security benefits and other strategies in making a comprehensive and compelling application. They will assist you in translating your real life situation to legal papers that will be convincing in the eyes of the state court. Legal representatives have acquired education for years, training, and enough experience that will help you avoid mistakes that would negatively affect your application.

There are basic requirements that you need to know in order to get the benefits. SSDI requires you to meet basic qualifications like physical condition that prevents you from going to work and do any substantial productive activity that can give you profit; the physical disability condition should be estimated to last at least 12 months or longer, and have generally accumulated 20 to 40 social security credits for the past 10 years. The application will take months of filing and appearances in court. You need to present testimonies and evidences before the court in order to establish the kind of situation you are in. In some cases when people get denied, they can apply for an appeal to do the necessary correction. After six months or so you will get the decision if your application is approved. Successful applicants receive monetary benefit every month depending on various factors established by the court like previous earning record and extent of disability.

Life does not end even if you have physical disability. The purpose why this lawyer actively helps you to apply for monetary benefits is because, like normal people, you also have an equal right and chance to a quality and happy life.


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