Building A Case After Dog Bite Injuries In Brooklyn, NY

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyer

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In New York, personal injury laws protect victims who are attacked by domestic animals. Under the dog bite laws, the owner is liable if they didn’t confine their dog based on local leash requirements. They are also liable if they allowed entry into an area in which a dangerous animal resides. Dog bite injuries in the Brooklyn NY are provide these victims with the leverage they need to file a personal injury claim against the pet owner.

Identifying the Victim’s Right to Entry

The victim’s right to entry is based on specific conditions. The first condition that validates these rights pertains to an invitation for entry into the property by the owner. Next, the victim is within their rights if they must enter the premises based on their job duties. This condition applies to mail carriers, law enforcement, or utility representatives. Additionally, neighbors who have to join property lines could acquire rights via permission to enter the exterior of the property under certain conditions.

What is Strict Liability?

Strict liability comes into play when the pet owner knows the animal is dangerous. The victim could prove this factor by presenting evidence of attacks that were documented previous. The nature and outcome of the previous reported attack designates if the animal is deemed dangerous by the state or county.

If strict liability is proven, the pet owner is liable for medical treatment for the victim. The court could also require punitive damages based on pain and suffering. Additionally, they could require the pet owner to euthanize the animal. Severe Dog Bite Injuries that lead to an immediate acquisition of the animal by law enforcement.

Reviewing the Reporting and Quarantine Requirements

The process for reporting animal attacks requires the victim to seek emergency medical attention. They notify their care provider about the incident. The doctor notifies the local animal control officers. The next step is a mandatory quarantine for the animal to evaluate its temperament and determine if it has rabies.

Dog Bite Injuries in the Brooklyn NY area are covered under the state’s personal injury laws. These laws identify the liability of the pet owner based on the circumstances of the attack. They also outline conditions in which the victim had the right to enter the premises. However, any victim who entered the premises unlawfully forfeits their rights to compensation. To evaluate the victim’s rights, these individuals should contact an attorney immediately.

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