Traffic Offence Attorneys in Fort Wayne, IN Can Minimize the Effects of a Ticket

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyer

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After receiving a traffic citation, most people want to know what they may do about it. In most cases, the logical next step is to pay the fine and to perhaps take a traffic course to remove points from the driving record. A traffic ticket can be costly, but they are usually simple to handle. However, some encounter difficulties when they dispute the ticket or refuse to pay it. Ignoring a traffic ticket doesn’t make it go away; in fact, it can cause one to lose their license or possibly go to jail. The following is a brief explanation of traffic citations and some tips on how to handle them.

Traffic Tickets Explained

Traffic tickets (also referred to as citations) are notices issued by law enforcement officers to drivers or other road users. The notice accuses the motorist of violating traffic laws.

How Motorists Get Tickets

Law enforcement personnel give drivers tickets for offenses such as running stop signs and red lights, speeding, changing lanes without signaling and driving with expired registration.

Is Signing a Ticket an Admission of Guilt?

No. Signing a traffic ticket is not the same as admitting guilt. When a person signs a citation, they merely agree to appear in court or pay the fine. Those who refuse to sign a ticket may be arrested immediately.

Is It Necessary to Appear in Court?

When most people receive tickets for moving violations, they only have to go to court when they plan to contest the citation. Tickets given for excessive speed, reckless driving and fatal traffic accidents may require a court appearance.

Can the Driver Choose Traffic School?

A driver may go to traffic school for their first ticket. Completion of the course will remove points from the person’s driving record, reducing their auto insurance cost. Those who have not gone to traffic school within a set period may also attend.

Should a Driver Hire a Lawyer?

If the driver plans to dispute the citation or they would like to avoid the inconvenience of traffic school, it’s advisable to visit A Arrested Hotline to hire a traffic offence attorneys in Fort Wayne, IN. By hiring a traffic offence attorney in Fort Wayne, IN, the client can protect their rights in cases where tickets were issued for criminal violations like driving on a suspended or revoked license.

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