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by | Jun 8, 2012 | Lawyers

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Getting arrested can be a humiliating occurrence for just about anyone. Regardless of why, it’s important to find arrests Salisbury MD professional lawyers to help you in cases like this. Keep in mind that you are innocent until proven guilty within the United States court of law.

What Will a Good Arrests Salisbury MD Lawyer Do For You?
First a good arrests Salisbury MD lawyer will ask questions that surround the charge or charges. They’ll also ask you what happened during the actual arrests. It’s important for the person arrested to take in and memorize the actual arrest, the officers and to communicate this with your lawyer.

Police officers are required by the law to follow a very specific procedure when making an arrest. They cannot use excessive force, but only enough and what is necessary to actually arrest the person being charged with a crime.

A good arrests Salisbury MD lawyer will go over the arrest for several reasons. In some cases an officer will use excessive force even if that person is not resisting arrest. A good lawyer will evaluate the arrest and see if there is anything there to use in your favor.

What Happens During The Interview Process With The Police?
After the arrest you go through the interview process. No one can force you to admit guilt during the interview or interrogation process. A good arrests Salisbury MD lawyer will also make sure that the interview or interrogation does not occur unless they are present with you. This is illegal for police officers to interrogate a person without their lawyer present.

When Should Your Arrests Salisbury MD Lawyer Be Present With You?
Not only should your lawyer be with you during the interview process, but they should be with you throughout much of the process of being arrested. Your arrests Salisbury MD lawyer should also be present when you are being photographed or if your fingerprints are taken and even if you are presented before a magistrate for the official filing of charges.

What Should You Remember After Your Arrest?
You may be questioned by the police after the arrest and even if your lawyer is present you can choose to remain silent. You must talk with your lawyer before you answer any of the authority’s questions if you chose to answer at all.

You may also be asked to give samples of your blood, urine, hair and even handwriting. You may also be asked to participate in a line up and it’s important to first consult with your lawyer before doing so.


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