The Different Types of Cases a Child Custody Lawyer La Grange Can Be Of Assistance

by | Jun 8, 2012 | Lawyers

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When it comes to child custody, most people are aware that there are different cases that can be pursued and that it is not simply a matter of getting custody or being denied custody. All courts will award child custody in accordance to the best interests of the kids. To avoid getting into a situation where you cannot prove you are worthy of getting the custody of your children, you should enlist the services of a child custody lawyer. A qualified attorney will be best suited to representing you in court and proving that you are in a better position to care for your kids. Here are some of the different types of cases a child custody lawyer La Grange can be of assistance.

1.  Sole custody: In this type of case, the court will grant one parent complete custody of the children. This applies to both the legal custody of the kids as well as the physical custody. In most case scenarios, a court will not grant this type of custody unless there is indiscriminate proof that the other parent is not fit to take care of the children. This usually happens when one of the parents is abusive (whether physically or verbally), has an addiction problem, and so on. In some of these cases, the non-custodial parent may be granted visitation rights so that they can see their kids from time to time. However, this visit will typically be supervised.

2.  Joint custody: Another of the cases that a child custody lawyer can represent you in is a joint custody case. In this type of scenario, both parents get to share physical custody of the children. Joint custody can be split into two more categories, which are joint physical custody and joint legal custody. Joint physical custody stipulates the amount of time each of the parents gets to spend with the children. With joint legal custody, the court determines how legal matters will be decided when it comes to the children and which parent will have more power in making the decisions. If the parents cannot come to an agreement for joint custody with a child custody lawyer La Grange, a mediator may have to be called into the matter.

3.  Joint physical custody: A child custody lawyer will typically tell you that the physical custody of the kids when it comes to joint custody would be based on the location where the child currently resides. One parent could end up having the physical custody of the kids but both may hold joint legal custody of the children. When it comes to visitation rights with joint custody, the visits are not supervised. They will then be scheduled ranging from weekends, major holidays, summer vacations, and so on.

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