Accident Attorneys Help Accident Victims Seek Compensation

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Lawyers

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One of the reasons that injured people end up being glad that they hired Accident Attorneys in Norfolk, VA is because they found out later that their injuries were more extensive than they thought. For example, right after a rear-end car accident, you may feel fine and think that you have no injuries. Then, hours later, you find that you cannot move your head at all; you have whiplash. Others end up with bad back pain, vision problems, and other ailments that turn up hours later. Some symptoms that are a direct result of someone else’s negligence may not surface until days later. Likewise, it isn’t always clear just how serious an injury is. A person may suffer what they think to be a slight head injury and then days later they may begin to suffer blurry vision, loss of balance, and debilitating headaches.

Another way that accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA are great help to their clients is in handling the seemingly endless paperwork that can result after an accident. The more doctors you are referred to, the more paperwork there will be, and there will be times when the insurance company may deny the claim. Insurance companies are not necessarily on your side. They have to protect their interests and their shareholders’ interests. Unless you are physically able to make phone calls yourself, or unless you have someone with the time to help you, you can end up facing collection calls from bill collectors for the medical payments.

The other party in the situation, whether it’s your employer or another driver or a property owner, is not going to necessarily be easy to work with even when they know you have suffered an injury. The other party will almost certainly hire their own attorney, and if you don’t have your own legal representation, this can be intimidating.

Your own attorney will make sure that someone is there to stand up for you. The attorney will explain what your rights are and will handle the stressful phone calls with the other party’s attorneys and insurance companies. There are also time limits for you to file claims for injury, and certain paperwork that needs to be completed correctly and filed on time. At a time when you may not be able to handle these matters on your own, your attorney can be your best chance at getting your medical bills covered and other losses compensated for.

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