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by | Nov 12, 2018 | Attorney

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Criminal lawyers in New Ulm, MN know a lot about what people need to do when facing criminal charges or certain situations involving law enforcement. Following some of the advice lawyers offer can sometimes keep people out of trouble. In fact, a person might be able to avoid getting arrested by following certain tips.


Criminal lawyers in New Ulm, MN know that far too often traffic stops conducted by law enforcement can lead to arrests and criminal charges. In some cases, traffic stops can lead to serious felony charges that can result in years behind bars. That’s why individuals have to understand their rights when it comes to vehicle searches. There are certain protections provided by law that allow drivers to refuse to have their vehicles searched. Refusing a search doesn’t mean that a person is admitting they are guilty and have something to hide. It just means they are exercising their rights.

More on Searches and Roadside Interaction

If drivers can refuse to be searched when asked, why do some people allow their vehicles to be searched even if they have contraband? Often times, people simply don’t know their rights. They might feel intimidated and think they don’t have a choice in the matter. When refusing a request for a vehicle search, it’s important for the driver to be polite. Aggravating the officer by boasting about rights is never a good idea. For more information about criminal law issues, visit Blatzlawminnesota.com.

Unavoidable Searches

Unfortunately, some searches are unavoidable. For example, if the driver of a vehicle has a warrant for their arrest, the car will be searched. If an officer notices contraband in plain sight, the vehicle can be searched. The strong odor of marijuana can lead to a vehicle being searched. If an officer has the right to search a vehicle, the driver shouldn’t try to interfere. That can bring criminal charges.

Since some traffic stops can definitely lead to arrests and misdemeanor or felony charges, it’s important that drivers understand the rights they have during traffic stops. If a person feels their rights have been violated and criminal charges resulted, they should contact a lawyer immediately.

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