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Foreclosure – what can you do?

A house or commercial property can go into foreclosure for many differing reasons. These can be details such as unfortunate material repair of the house, having a mortgage that is superior to the total price on the market, or other personal financial problems, just to name a few reasons. Foreclosed properties usually have a price

Surviving Your First Holiday After A Divorce

If you or someone you know has ever gone through a divorce you know all too well just how hard it is to survive your first holiday afterwards.  Many times there are a lot of family traditions wrapped around holidays and therefore divorce can make them quite hard to deal with. Christmas is an especially

Getting a DUI

Few things in life can be scarier than getting arrested for drunk driving, especially if it is your first time. The penalties and consequences for your actions are stiff in every state, but in California, they are especially so. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Ventura to advise you of your rights cannot be overstated. Be

Child Emancipation Issues: What to Know

There are many young people today who have found that their parent’s legal right to make their decisions and to govern their lives until they turn 18 is actually a negative thing, not a positive one. For some children, they simply must wait until they are 18 to take control, but for others the situation

Insurance for Law Firms Los Angeles – Should You Consider Cyber Liability Insurance?

Every law firm should have professional liability cover in order to protect themselves against lawsuits. Although ironic, lawyers also have to face lawsuits from their clients and have to defend themselves against allegations. Since such cases can be expensive and long drawn, insurance for law firms in Los Angeles is crucial. When you consider purchasing