Advice to Help You Deal With a Dispute for Workers Compensation in Pasadena

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Lawyers

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When you hire an attorney to help you win workers compensation in Pasadena, you can rely on them to win a fair settlement for your claim but in some cases, disputes may arise with the other party. Being prepared for a scenario like this will help you to avoid the pitfalls if an employer disputes your claim. Money is the main reason why an employer will dispute a claim for workers compensation in Pasadena but when you understand how to deal with a situation like this, you can navigate the waters with ease and leave court with the money you are owed.

Common Reasons for Claim Disputes

The employer will need to fund your claim if you win and if your employer is not comfortable with the settlement amount, it is possible that they will dispute the claim. This is quite common and a lawyer should be able to give you advice on how to win compensation in Pasadena if this happens. If your claim is particularly expensive or if the employer does not really believe that your injuries are as serious as you say, they will probably dispute the claim. If you didn’t require medical treatment or if you were injured outside of the workplace, you will not be eligible to receive compensation and the claim will be denied.

Who Funds the Compensation?

An employer will pay premiums to an insurance company and this money will then be used to fund the workers compensation in Pasadena. However, this is not the only way that the compensation can be funded. An alternative to this would be through state-run programs. State-run programs are normally chosen by smaller employers and if you win a settlement, the particular state department will pay the benefits. Another way that the compensation might be funded is with self-insurance, which can sometimes be more risky for the claimant.

Fighting a Dispute

Once an employer disputes your claim for workers compensation in Baltimore, you need to decide how you are going to fight the dispute. In most cases, disputes will be handled through means of communication. The insurance carrier, employer and the employee will meet up and discuss the reasons why the claim has been disputed. If you cannot resolve things in this way, it is probably best to hire an attorney who is experienced in this practice area. The attorney can gather evidence and prove that you deserve compensation. If the employer disputes the claim again, the lawyer can outline your options for gaining compensation in other ways.

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