Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Lake City Help Clients Prove Their Case After Claim Denial

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

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Workers’ compensation lawyers in Lake City can help when an employer disputes an injury claim after an accident. Sometimes a separate investigation is necessary, and this can be very difficult for an individual who isn’t knowledgeable about the workers’ comp system and the information required for claim approval. Law firm personnel will likely want to interview witnesses who were at the scene or who are willing to discuss unsafe conditions at the workplace. Health practitioners who provided medical care after the injury occurred can also offer testimony. Often, this is the most important evidence to provide. Depending on the type of accident, expert witnesses may be called in to reconstruct the circumstances and offer an insightful viewpoint.

The primary goals are usually to prove that the accident caused the injury and that the worker isn’t faking the extent of the injury. Insurers are sometimes wary because they have dealt with previous claims in which it turned out that the employee was hurt outside of the job and then pretended that the incident occurred during work. There have also been cases in which an employee pretends that they still need time off to recover, even if this is not substantiated by medical practitioners. If a valid claim has been denied, a lawyer like Duane E. Thomas is ready to assist. Visit the website for more details.

Sometimes employers and workers’ comp insurers dispute claims because the accident happened while the employee was not actually on duty. However, the employee usually still deserves compensation in these cases, and workers’ compensation lawyers in Lake City can help. For instance, slipping and falling on a wet stairway at the facility during lunch break should qualify as a workers’ compensation situation. Another claim denial circumstance may occur when the person was on duty but was away from the workplace. There may have been a vehicle collision while this person was delivering company mail to the post office. Even if the individual was technically on lunch break or had clocked out for the day, being injured while completing a required job task should be classified as a workers’ comp incident.

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