What it Makes Sense to Talk With a Family Law Attorney in Springboro, OH About a Legal Separation

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Family Law

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The marriage is in trouble and the couple has contemplated divorce. While the couple is not quite ready to take such a serious step, there is no doubt that they need to not be under the same roof until a final decision is made. One way to protect the rights of everyone involved is to talk with a Family Law Attorney in Springboro OH about arranging for a legal separation. Here are some of the reasons why seeking this type of arrangement is in the best interests of everyone concerned.

Defining Financial Responsibilities

The terms included in a legal separation often focus on what financial responsibilities each party will assume for the duration of the agreement. This is important, since the idea is to ensure that the financial obligations that the couple made during the course of the marriage are not left to fall into arrears. Typically, the family law attorney in Springboro OH preparing the documentation will include provisions regarding who will be responsible for paying the mortgage each month and who will take care of the utility bills. If the couple has children, the one who continues to provide for the day to day needs of the kids will likely receive some specific funds from the other parent that help to cover things like clothing, school supplies, and other essentials.

Making Decisions About Tax Filings

Some legal separations will go on for years before the marriage ends. This is usually the case when the couple considers divorce out of the question due to religious convictions. That leaves the matter of how the parties will file tax returns in the air.

One way to simplify the matter is to stipulate in the terms of the separation agreement how the couple will deal with paying taxes, filing forms, and possibly sharing any refunds that result from those filings.

If staying together is unacceptable but the couple does not wish to pursue a divorce at this time, talk with the team at Business Name about the possibility of filing for a legal separation. Doing so ensures that working together on essentials is clearly defined, and also ensures that if the difficulties in the marriage can be resolved, getting back together will be all the easier.

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