Why Everyone in Rockford Should Consult an Estate Planning Attorney

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Lawyer

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It’s never too soon to start setting up an estate plan, but many people put this off or assume they don’t need this type of legal service. In truth, everyone should consult Rockford, Illinois, estate planning lawyers as early in life as possible. An estate plan can help you protect yourself and your loved ones in the event that a serious illness or injury alters your life.

Take Care of Your Minor Children

At the very least, you should talk to a lawyer about setting up a will. An essential purpose of a will is to choose who will take care of your minor children if you die while they are young. Without your choice for guardianship set out in a will, the state will decide who will raise your children.

Protect Your Assets from Probate

You may have some assets that you want to ensure go to specific loved ones after your death. While a will is a public document, a living trust is a private one, and those assets remain protected. Transferring ownership of specific assets via a living trust will help ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Protect Yourself in an Emergency

If you suffer a serious accident or illness, you may be unable to oversee your finances or make your own medical care decisions. Rockford Illinois estate planning lawyers can help you set up powers of attorney that allow you to choose who will make these decisions on your behalf.

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