When an Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA Is Needed Because of the Complexities of Construction Zones

The legal ramifications of a construction zone accident become complex when a worker is struck by a passing vehicle. The injured person is not eligible for workers’ compensation if they are a contract worker. Other factors can make it difficult to be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages. An accident attorney in Gonzales, LA represents these clients and protects their legal rights.

Conflicting Opinions

The construction company’s insurer may expect the driver’s automotive insurance to pay for the injured worker’s expenses. The automotive insurer may find reasons to put the construction company at fault. An accident attorney in Gonzales, LA may be necessary to make sure the injured person receives the financial compensation they deserve regardless of which insurer pays the claim.

Liability for Drivers

Drivers in construction zones are instructed to be especially careful because the workers are unprotected for the most part. If drivers travel too quickly through the zone or don’t see a worker because of being distracted, they may be considered liable.

Liability for the Company

However, the construction company may also be considered at fault, depending on the circumstances. There may not have been adequate signage warning drivers of a construction zone ahead on the road or the need to slow down. If any construction equipment was inadvertently left in a lane open to drivers, those drivers might swerve automatically to avoid the devices and accidentally hit somebody.

Government Agencies

Sometimes, the setting became very complicated and expert witnesses will be needed to reconstruct exactly what happened. When a road is left open for drivers to navigate through a winding, unpaved road with many workers as well as heavy equipment nearby, it can become very hard to monitor everything that is happening. Most people are not comfortable driving through an area with huge swinging shovels from heavy equipment coming close to their cars.

The judgment call as to keeping this road open may be questioned. Now, the state’s Department of Transportation becomes involved. It becomes clear why having a law firm such as Pujol, Pryor & Irwin for representation is imperative. Visit website for contact details.

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