Avoid Confusion: Use a Bankruptcy Attorney When Filing in Lake Worth FL

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Lawyers

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Bankruptcy rules and regulations can be fairly confusing. Add to that the frustration and other emotional stresses of filing for bankruptcy, and it is easy to see why having an attorney to provide advice and legal aid when filing in Lake Worth FL can be a great help.

Most people have a limited knowledge of what is involved in filing for bankruptcy. The average lay person rarely understands all the nuanced differences between Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filings, much less all that is required in actually filing. This is why it is absolutely essential for anyone in Lake Worth FL who is considering bankruptcy to consult with an attorney in order to ascertain the best course of action.

Even those who are familiar with legal proceedings, but who do not have direct experience with bankruptcy, can become confused by the process. Such confusion was illustrated in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this week when the attorney for the City Council missed a deadline to challenge a lower court ruling regarding the city’s attempt to file for bankruptcy.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, Harrisburg’s City Council failed at a second attempt to return the city to bankruptcy because of the missed deadline. The judge in the case ruled that the City Council attorney waited too long to file the appeal and refused to grant him or the city more time because she deemed the effort “potentially frivolous.”

Apparently at issue is the fact that the City Council put the city into bankruptcy last October, but in so doing, they disregarded a state law that banned the filing. The judge has ruled based on Chapter 9 of the federal bankruptcy code that requires state authorization for the city to file. The city has argued that the requirement violates Pennsylvania’s state constitution.

The convoluted legal ramifications of the whole case are indicative of why individuals and corporations rely upon the legal expertise of an attorney when they are filing for bankruptcy. Only a bankruptcy attorney has enough familiarity with all of the intricacies of bankruptcy code and law to adequately represent clients in the sometimes difficult world of bankruptcy court.

In addition to the requisite legal knowledge, a bankruptcy attorney in Lake Worth FL has the experience of dealing with various chapter filings, creditors, rulings, and the subsequent emergence of the individual or business client from bankruptcy at the end of the proceedings. Understandably, if an attorney for a City Council of a city the size of Harrisburg can be confused about bankruptcy law requirements, anyone in Lake Worth FL who is going to file should not try to do so without competent counsel from an attorney.

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