What You Should Know About Ending Your Marriage in Rockford, IL

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Lawyers

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Divorce cases present complexities for the entire family, and the couple must find a way to agree on the terms of the divorce agreement. Unfortunately, many couples face difficulties deciding, and hostilities could emerge. Discussing the case with a divorce attorney in Rockford, IL, helps you prepare for the problems ahead.

Separating Your Lives

When the marriage falls apart, couples create separate lives. One party moves out of the couple’s home, and the other may remain. At the start, couples who go ahead and divide marital assets could save themselves heartaches.

Planning helps each party take the following steps toward their new life. Suppose couples cannot agree on property division. In that case, mediation may offer some solace and give them a chance to discuss this aspect of the divorce. Speak to a divorce attorney in Rockford, IL, to get started.

Who Gets Child Custody?

Most courts try to help parents create a child custody arrangement that offers joint custody when possible. The parenting plan gives each party time with their kids, and the circumstances of their jobs and home life dictate which party becomes the primary custodian. If you cannot agree on custody, a child custody hearing allows a judge to decide for you.

Filing for a divorce presents stress and anxiety for everyone. You and your spouse must create an amicable agreement that gives you a fair share of the marital estate. Contact Crosby Law Firm to get started on your divorce case, or visit their website to learn more.

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