What to Look for When Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Chicago

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Attorney, Law, Lawyers, Legal Services

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The end of any marriage is a solemn occasion. When it is clear that the union cannot continue, the only practical thing to do is talk with one of the Divorce Lawyers in Chicago and make arrangements to file the necessary documents with the court. Here are some points to keep in mind when searching for a lawyer to represent the interests of the party during the divorce proceedings.

Experience Matters

It always helps to focus on Divorce Lawyers in Chicago who have handled similar cases in the past. No two divorces are exactly alike, but many are similar enough that what the lawyer learned from past cases will come in handy with the current situation. For example, if the divorce could turn out to be acrimonious, it pays to engage the services of legal counsel who has a lot of experience dealing with adversaries. When there is not likely to be any contest to the divorce petition and the couple has little in the way of assets to divide, an attorney who specializes in no-fault divorces is worth considering.

Providing Advice

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the divorce happen to be, a lawyer who can provide advice on matters such as personal conduct is essential. Seek help from legal counsel who will give the client some specific instructions in terms of what to do while the court is considering the divorce. This will likely include refraining from any activity that could provide the opposing party with grounds to seek a larger share of the assets, or undermine the stated reason for seeking the divorce.

Dealing with the Unexpected

While it may look like the divorce will not be contested at first, people can change their minds. If the other spouse does decide to fight the divorce, make sure there is an attorney on hand who can meet the challenge. Doing so will help to keep the complications to a minimum and hopefully prevent any efforts to delay obtaining a decree from the court.

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